About Me

I’m Courtney, a wife, mom to an awesome kid, and a proud dog owner. Since 2014, my adventures have taken me to many countries, allowing me to explore diverse cuisines and cultures.

This blog is all about delicious easy-to-make recipes. I aim to make cooking enjoyable, especially for those who, like me, may not be expert chefs but have a love for trying new things in the kitchen.

While I adore cooking, I believe that delicious meals don’t have to be time-consuming. On Man, That Looks Good!, I focus on quick, easy, and flavorful recipes with a lot of variety.

Picture instant pot carnitas tacos one night, vegan beet steak burgers the next, and salted caramel brownies for dessert. Every time you desire a certain dish, you’ll find a quick and easy recipe that will make you say, “Man, That Looks Good!” Join me on this exited journey.