The Best Keto Sandwich Recipe – Keto Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich

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One of the hardest things for me to do when I started the keto diet was to give up my usual carbs. Sometimes, it’s not so bad to go without the bun and bread. But, when I’d see other people eating sandwiches, it made me lust for pillowy slices of bread to hold my meats, cheeses, and veggies. I won’t ever be able to give up bread 100% so this Keto Sandwich Recipe was perfect for me. 

Have you tried my Keto Bagel yet? I’m telling you, if you love bagels and you’re going keto, you need it in your life.

And then I realized I was missing out on bagels. That made me sad. I’d think about the big bagels you get in NYC and that did it for me. I was determined to find a proper way to eat bagels while on keto.

Once I did, I posted this Keto Bagel recipe, which you’ll need to follow first if you want to make a keto-friendly sandwich. And if you want a breakfast sandwich, you can also check out this Keto Breakfast Sandwich recipe.

Now, save some of those keto bagels for your lunch. All I did was fill it with thick slices of tomatoes, crispy cooked bacon, and turkey slices for a sandwich that hit all the right notes without kicking me out of keto.

I recommend you make the keto bagels when you have some time. They take 20 minutes to prep and then another hour until they’re done. But once you have them ready, you can use them in all sorts of ways.

There’s the keto breakfast sandwich and you can twist it your way to have the things you like best in it. And for lunch, if you don’t like turkey, use sliced chicken, or roast beef. Make sure you’re buying quality meats though since some cured meats have additives in them that can make them unfriendly for keto dieters.

You can even make it all veggie if you prefer. Slice avocados, tomatoes, and red onions, and add some lettuce and sprouts. The keto bagel makes it very portable too so if you need a good lunch to keep you full at work, this will do the trick.

Because these keto bagels freeze really well, you can just stash them to have ready whenever you want a bagel or a bagel sandwich without any side of guilt!


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