Marinated Grilled Shrimp Kabobs and Bertolli Pasta Sauce

Whenever the weather is nice outside, my mind goes into grill-mode. I want to grill everything. Vegetables, steaks—even fruits! One of my favorite grilled meals is kabobs; beef kabobs, chicken kabobs, vegetable kabobs, and of course, grilled shrimp kabobs are so delicious that I could write entire essays about them! I won’t… but I could.

In any case, grilled shrimp kabobs are the kabob-de-jour for this particular recipe. Shrimp is a classic seafood that goes well with so many different cuisines and ingredients. Rice, noodles—you name it, shrimp is bound to go with it. And this shrimp kabob with Bertolli pasta sauce is certainly no exception. The end result of this recipe is moist, flavorful, and completely unforgettable. You will probably start dreaming about this particular recipe every time the weather turns nice and you get the urge to open up a kitchen window.

Kabobs are something that I have enjoyed ever since I can remember. I associate them with summertime when the family would finally bring out the grill and it seemed like every meal we ate during the summer was made in the backyard with the BBQ grill. I wasn’t introduced to the idea of a shrimp kabob until early adulthood, but the flavor has stuck with me ever since. There is something about shrimp that tastes absolutely amazing when it’s grilled. They almost seem to become plumper, juicier—and completely, utterly, wholly delicious to eat.

While I didn’t exactly grow up eating shrimp kabobs, they did grow on me due to their fresh, lighter taste which makes them perfectly ideal during warmer months. They’re still delicious in the winter, and I would never pass up good grilled shrimp kabobs during December; but for me personally, these make me want to fling open the kitchen window, feel the breeze on my hair, and turn on some tunes to dance while I cook.

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Marinated Grilled Shrimp Kabobs and Bertolli Pasta Sauce

Grilled shrimp on their own are pretty fantastic, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them alone in a recipe. This particular recipe pairs marinated and grilled shrimp with a Bertolli pasta sauce that truly elevates the recipe to the next level. I am always on the lookout for ingredients that elevate a dish, and this pasta sauce brings a truly unique element to the equation; a balanced, hearty flavor that contrasts well with the zing of the marinated shrimp.


I thought long and hard about what particular types of sauce to include in this recipe. After all, one thing I often consider when putting together a recipe is: do these ingredients work well together? Do they make sense when they are combined? Or is it a bit like mixing water and oil? It’s important that you find the “right” ingredients to pair with shrimp so that you bring out the very best in the recipe’s flavor. For instance, shrimp should never be overpowered by sauces that are too rich over heavy.

If you’re ready to take on a delicious shrimp recipe that will have you clamoring for seconds, read on!


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