Must Have Cake Baking Tools and Equipment

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As a baker, you’re only as good as your ingredients, skill, and tools. For those new to baking but looking to dive in, there are a few cake baking tools and equipment you’ll need before you get started. If you’re looking to turn baking into a hobby or even a home business, here are a few things you’ll want to have on hand. For a complete list download our Cake Baking Tools and Equipment Checklist. It gives you a list of everything you’ll need and suggestions on the best brands.

Cake Baking Tools and EquipmentCake Baking Tools and Equipment For New Bakers

Before filling your cart with baking kitchen essentials consider that you’ll often be working with dry measurements and wet measurements and you’ll want to make sure you have equipment on hand to handle both. There are big differences in the way you measure wet and dry ingredients and mistakes can really impact a recipe if used improperly. For liquids, you will want something that has a handle and spout to it. Always set it down on the countertop to see what’s actually inside. For dry ingredients, use an aluminum measuring cup.

Baking Sheets and Cake Pans

Next on the list of tools you need are baking sheets. Look for non-stick sheets including hard anodized products for easy cleaning and standardized heating. Also, parchment paper can be a very helpful tool to have to keep items from sticking to your sheets. Keep a roll on hand. If cakes are one your “must bake” list also consider cake pans and molds. Look for those that have a removable or false bottom for the very best results.

Essential Baking Hand Tools

For hand tools, rubber spatulas are a must-have in most baker’s kitchens. Look for quality here. If you will be doing a lot of cookie making, invest in several sized ice cream scoops. These help you to keep your cookie portion sizes even throughout each one. For removing items off your baking sheets, look for quality metal spatulas. The blade should be as thin as possible, but sturdy to pick up something with a bit of weight to it. You will also need cooling racks to set baked goods on so that you can remove them from the hot metal pan that will continue to cook them.

Kitchen Scales

If macarons are on your baking list you’ll want to invest in a kitchen scale. Desserts like macarons demand exact measurements, this is not a dessert you can wing it with. Aside from macarons, it’s often best to use a scale instead of a measuring cup anyway. That way there is no guessing on the accuracy, you’ll know exactly if that cup of flour is really truly one cup.

Kitchen Thermometers

Instant-read thermometers are essential in any kitchen. When it comes to baking they’re important because a lot of ovens bake foods unevenly and this can be problematic. All-purpose thermometers are ideal for baking and any kind of cooking where you need to check the internal temperature of food.

These are just some of the many items you’ll need to have in your kitchen as a baker. The good news is that most items are inexpensive and readily available.


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